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Maple River Bread, Soup, Meat, and Dips > North Dakota Seasoning, Dips, and Mixes


Dakota Style Seasoning 2.8oz
A great addition to your grilling delights-whether it is chicken, steak, poultry, roasts, or burger. Also goes just right with a glass of Maple River wine.
$ 3.95               More Information     

Kountry rimmer seasoning with a kick
If you like a bloody mary add this to the rim of your glass for that extra great taste or just use a spice when cooking for a little extra kick.
$ 6.99               More Information     

Rix Mix original seasoning
The original all purpose seasoning that gives your mouth a thumbs up on flavor. Best all around seasoning.
$ 7.99               More Information     

Rix Mix Xtra Spicy seasoning
Sugar free, Gluten free, no Msg, and no preservatives. An all purpose seasoning with a kick.
$ 7.99               More Information     

Smokey Bacon Dip and Cheeseball Mix
This easy to prepare dip is great at any event. Just mix seasoning with 8 oz. of sour cream; flavor enhances overnight.
$ 3.50               More Information

Sweet & Hot Pepper Relish
Sweet & Hot Pepper Relish
MSG Free ~ Gluten Free Recipes available at
8 oz.
$ 4.99               More Information

Wild Moon Corn Salsa
"Leaves you howling for more..." This salsa comes from Fargo, and it's unique taste will compliment almost any dish.
12 oz.
$ 8.99               More Information