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Dakota Pear Wine

Pears grow in North Dakota? Yes they do and they make a unique wine that our tasting group simply loves! These are smaller than the store bought pears.

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Pears are very difficult to grow in North Dakota. It seems they blossom early so either a late frost prevents   them from producing, or the more realistic explanation is that there is no pollination mechanism at that time of the year in North Dakota.   Without pollination, no fruit. About the 3/4 the size of store bought pears, with a beautiful reddish tint to the skin. We fermented the pears on the skins to hold that color. WOW! A very romantic wine. A little hint of citrus but very mellow. Enjoy this wine chilled again and again. More information about our North Dakota winery available at 

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On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the sweetest this would be a 3 for the wine we create.